Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fan Art: The Penny Arcade

I did this Penny Arcade fan illustration a while ago, which will appear in their new book coming out (which I can't seem to find a link to any info on, but I guess just keep an eye out for it!)

The fact that this drawing will appear in the book is as good as any reason for you to buy it. And among "any reason" I suppose is the fact that it's a very funny comic that makes you laugh.

Click for full image!

I would like to do some more fan art soon for other comics I like. Though I cannot promise these works will appear in books! They will at least appear in this blog. And soon, in your heart.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Old blog redux: Internet Adventures

I used to do an awful lot of blogging. But those days are behind me.

Or are they??

The answer is yes.

But now and then I get the impulse to dredge up material from those archives, whose web facades and database machinery have long since deteriorated. I have done this a couple times already, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. It's sort of selfish of me to horde those articles, so I have resolved to slay the dragon in my bosom known as Avarice and release this treasure unto you all.

In this case, that treasure was plundered from several adventures I embarked upon through the world of dumb internet banner and popup ads.

The first was An Offer You Can't Refuse, first transcribed in the heady times of 2006.

The second, authored more than a year later, was Come With Me on a Magical Journey Through the Internet!

There's plenty of other stuff I will release later, in lieu of writing actual new content (GOD FORBID). But some of it is pretty exciting. Among the essays are excerpts in which I voice a strong desire to accost host of Food Network's Unwrapped, Marc Summers, with a bright red ping pong paddle. There are also numerous articles about Jimmy Buffet, and how he was almost my father, and how I hate him and his music and everything he stands for, but especially the stupid books he writes sometimes.

And a lot of other stuff. But those will wait for another day.