Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fan Art: The Penny Arcade

I did this Penny Arcade fan illustration a while ago, which will appear in their new book coming out (which I can't seem to find a link to any info on, but I guess just keep an eye out for it!)

The fact that this drawing will appear in the book is as good as any reason for you to buy it. And among "any reason" I suppose is the fact that it's a very funny comic that makes you laugh.

Click for full image!

I would like to do some more fan art soon for other comics I like. Though I cannot promise these works will appear in books! They will at least appear in this blog. And soon, in your heart.


Zorak000 said...

Will you archive your completely awesome Dinosaur comic here?

Javer said...


Reminds me of Whistles.

spuzman00 said...

Where can I purchase this marvelous novel? The portrayal of the protagonists on this cover illustration has persuaded me that the anecdotal narration contained within must be of the utmost excellence. They appear to me to be the very emitomes of baddassness and sorcerilousness.

Reibear said...

What an astounding, dazzling, crazy image.

Sebastian said...

I really adore this. Not even a $15k frame could render it 'ironic'.

You've managed to give Tycho this completely different feel, and Gabe's face is just Monkey D. Luffy grade insane.

Praveen said...


Anonymous said...

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