Monday, March 23, 2009

Webcomics Weekend 09

I went to a weekend gathering for webcomic authors and enjoyers alike, and good times were had! You could say it was authoritatively enjoyed.

Speaking of authoritativity, the event was spearheaded and organized by Meredith Gran, who does a really great comic about a young octopus who lives in New York City, trying to make it out there. Ok, that is not what the comic is about. But you should go read it and see what it is about!

My accomp-hort Cindy came along and took some pictures. We didn't snap a lot, but here are a few which you may use to waft some of the ambiance into those gaping nostrils you call eyeballs.

Here I am bookended by the dynamic damefella duo, Emily and Joey, who produce the comic that is called a softer world. These are really cool people to hang out with and talk to and stuff! Here Emily rifles through her mad wad of Benjies, or at least I'm pretty sure those are Benjies. Cause that's what we're all about here, knocking down sick bank and leafing through our pimpin' hustle-bucks. Joey is the sort of dude who seems like he is always on the verge of either beating the shit out of you, or giving you a hug, in a precisely equal distribution of probability.

Oh yeah, up there I think is one of those moments where I was talking to someone while pretending to be Ryan North, poised in front of all his dinosaur merchandise. He would pretend to be me too, and brandish vivid tales about how he drew a lot of pages about a guy who likes candy corn or something, and possibly wore a hat at one point. Our marks were none the wiser to the ruse. You see, we play pranks as a thing we do.

Here Chris(!!!) and Joey and Ryan prepare for a panel discussion, comparing notes on how to be a hilarious bunch of outrageous motherfuckers.

By the way, is Dr. McNinja great? Uh let me think.


I eat cake which is shaped like a pork chop. You will have to take my word for it that that was the shape of the cake. Ryan is holding an alligator head for some reason, which is confusing.

Ryan is a really nice guy. I think being a really nice guy might be his super power or something. It's kind of a dumb super power and it makes it really easy to defeat him in the martial combats.

Also one of his powers is being very TALL.

Eventually I sat in the proximity of my own shit and pretended to not be Ryan for a while. I drew some stuff for people who liked my comic. (But not sick burns, I saved those for my foes.) Everybody who approached me was really cool. What can I say, everyone who likes my stuff is amazing almost by definition.

Jeffrey is the grand arch-magnate of Topatoco and is an exceptional human being as well. He and I once drew crude frogs that wore capes, once upon a slippery era long-sopped by time’s absorbent sponge. The Topatoco HQ is quite an impressive compound and looks like a wonderful place to do business. Jeffrey probably has one of the sweetest gigs in the world, possibly second only to what I do, which is basically nothing at all. I mean I draw stuff sometimes, but whatever.


Connor said...

I can not even begin to imagine the level of epic that must have been present at that event. Such a shame I couldn't make it...

Next year, then! Oh yes, next year indeed...
*cackles maniacally*

Ed said...

Haha those unpleasant notes...

woah an interesting event was that i guess

Well i'm happy now, i like your stuff so im amazing too :)

voodooKobra said...

Sounds like it was a blast. A volcanic blast.

Anonymous said...

I was worried that, like the Large Hadron Collider, this event would destroy the earth. However, we have now proved that there is no such thing as too much awesome. Wish I coulda been there.

Chase said...

Of all the webcomics I read on a regular basis (and I include your blog in that), you are the one who has best shown what actually happened at this myth-like event.

ReverendTed said...

The next time I read the phrase "waft some of the ambiance into those gaping nostrils you call eyeballs," I will sigh softly, remembering today, and think to myself, "It''s just not the same."
As wonderful as it is, it's disappointing because I know, in my heart, this is a moment whose magic I can never recapture.

jeffrey rowland said...
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jeffrey rowland said...

Clearly it is a good gig and I love my job so very much and that is why I spend 14 hours a day here, seven days a week, until I will surely die here, in a few moments.

It was great to meet you and Cindy!

Patadox said...

The opportunity to hang with webcomic GOLD is not one to be passed by lightly. I intend to show up at the next one to bathe in the light of such awesomeness.

Ryan North is the nicest guy in the world I hear! I believe it to!