Monday, March 23, 2009

WCWE Addendum

Wait, there are more people I wanted to talk about!

KC Green draws outstanding comics. His myriad of websites are all among my favorites ever. Please go to his site and visit his odd collection of satellite-websites like horribleville and gunshow and please read all of the comics there at once.

I bumped into him on the street the first night of the weekend when everyone was roving around the town under varying magnitudes of inebriation and chilliness. I recognized him and proceeded to orbit about his radiant, molten core of affability, but I did not introduce myself. Later in the evening I mumbled my name, and he recognized it, and offered a hug to celebrate the recognition. It was not because he was inebriated; the beverage in his hand was a root beer you see. Neither was it on account of chilliness. He's just a hella nice guy!

I also met Zach Weiner, which was another high point. He does SMBC, which is a comic that has the uncanny ability to be EXTREMELY FUNNY on EVERY SINGLE OCCASION IT UPDATES, which is JUST ABOUT EVERY DAY. Zach was also all hells of cool and drew me a picture of a llama with a brain in a jar for a head. I'll keep it folded in my breast pocket for the rest of my life, until one day it takes a bullet for me. The very bullet which passes clean through it and into my heart, rendering me not alive anymore.

There was also a gentleman named John Keogh who does a comic called Lucid TV, which I had not read before. I just checked it out and it is quite funny! You should check it out too.

This encounter was precipitated because he said hello and told me he liked my work. Not MSPA in this case, but a comic I used to do a while ago called Humanimals. I'm always impressed when someone has heard of Humanimals before, and I am downright flabbergasted when people tell me they actually like it. Here's a sample if you care to trespass into...

I'll shut my flowery trap this once. It is a comic about nude men with hooves and udders and stuff. They work in an office and they are always happy.


Chris said...

Oh, Humanimals. Definitely a highlight, if a strange and creepy one. I'm pretty sure I've read every scrap of work by you I can find for free by now, and only because I have less money than those panhandlers who make themselves out to be suffering. I assure you the full copy of Whistles will be mine when I possess the funds.

That wasn't really relevant, was it?

odinthecrab said...

I actually recognized that comic.
I have it saved into my computer in a folder named /cool/ under a strange series of numbers.
If you are familiar with images with strange series of numbers as names, then you may recognize where I found this image.
I looked for more by typing "men-horses giving apples to horse-men" or quite typically "a centaur giving an apple to edward" and nothing relevant appeared.

Defeated, I let it live in my /cool/ folder as such, and allowed it to prosper with my other numbers-as-titles files.

I feed it a regular view from my eyes, and it always brings a laugh.

If I had known you had done this, I would have probably acted like R. North for a while.

Anonymous said...

Humananimals is the scariest sh*t I've ever seen. My eyes were wracked by voluminous man-breasts and frightening-faced beasts. I might have just witnessed hell for a minute.

I'm so glad that you started something less scary looking.

Cthulhuigi said...

Humanimals is pretty much my favorite comic. The next MSPA should be about them.

Anonymous said...

I never know where Andrew is going with all the borderline-gayporn references. Is it to be shocking, funny or is he into that...uhm...kind-o thing?
I don't know what to think. Lol.

Anonymous said...

I was always bigger on Riddler's Gammon, myself.

Rei said...

Humanimals? Oh geez. I... I had no idea you were behind that... that thing. I am, in the truest sense of the term, shocked and awed.

Skeeter said...

I remember reading Humanimals and laughing almost constantly. My favorite of those old comics is definitely Inappropriate Time for Ham, however. And It Don't Stop is my favorite of the longer comics.

bbot said...

I can see why the guy who did Lucid TV would like this.