Monday, February 9, 2009

How do I prank thee? Let me qwantz the ways.

Ok so here's what up.

I was recently embroiled (am still embroiled???) in this exotic prankster's feud with this guy who draws dinosaurs saying things. Ok he doesn't really draw them but anyway. It was fun (is still fun???) but then due to some mental handicap specific to the needlessly officious I deleted some of my earlier prankins because the news section was getting a little long in the tooth. VERTICALLY SPEAKING.

It was like a great venerable redwood and I was sort of like an especially angry Paul Bunyan, or just some really terrifically huge dude with an axe who hates trees, and possibly harbors disdain for the very concept of HEIGHT ITSELF.

So I did this and dusted my hands but then some people started yelling at me.

So I'm like, ok, I guess I can put it all back up somehow, even though that stuff I deleted is gone forever. I don't exactly have a stout archival repository for every frivolous little EPIC FUCKING BATTLESCAPE AMONG WORLD CLASS PRACTICAL JAPESTERS that happens to flutter through the perfumey breeze of my life.

I promised I'd take a crack at reconstructing what I said, and in the process probably charting new frontiers in the realm of dubious fidelity.

Anyway why don't we take this thing from the top. Ryan said this once upon a time, and I have emboldened the key point.

February 4th, 2009: Andrew "MS Paint Adventures" Hussie has been putting together some videos with his friend Jan van den Hemel where they re-edit some Star Trek: TNG footage into hilarious short videos. They're great, you guys! I recommend watching them in order because it is comedy gold that builds on itself really nicely. Andrew Hussie is quickly becoming the only person whose house I park outside at night. I just want to watch him eat his dinner.

And I was tickled he said it, but then I went on to say (probably) something like this.

Ryan, you're not fooling anyone sitting in your car, sort of ducking down behind your dashboard like that. [I think I probably mentioned something about opera glasses, or goggles here, which he retrieved from his glovebox. I'm not sure why I would suggest he keep such a thing in his glovebox. I think my motivation was probably to use language to cast him as a bit of a lithe-fingered fop. I'm going to go ahead and assume that I was successful in this respect, and blow my whistle while hoisting my arms for the touchdown sign like football refs do whenever they're in the vicinity of a sick burn.

Also I mentioned something about how I was eating a turkey sandwich or something. Oops, I should probably return to my "voice".]

Ryan, I am eating a turkey sandwich or something.

Ok, Ryan caught wind of all that PRETTY QUICK.

February 5th, 2009: UPDATE: Last night Andrew had a open-faced turkey sandwich with a glass of water. He took a bite and chewed, frowning at his dinner. He sprinkled some pepper on top, and took another bite. The sandwich appeared to satisfy him now, and he dispatched it quickly, drinking the water all in one go at the end. Impressive. He then reached for his empty glass, turning it upside down and using it like a microphone. I couldn't hear clearly, but it sounded like he was reciting "Baby Got Back", sitting there at the dinner table. I felt like he was putting on a show for my benefit. I got suspicious - did he know he was being watched? But then some water slide down the glass onto his lap and he jumped up, brushing his slacks down and running out of the room, cursing. It was that little detail that made the whole evening worthwhile.

I said something kind of complicated in response to this… wait, oops, hang on…

Ryan. I'm going to say something kind of complicated in response to this. The basic gist of it will be that while you are distracted by my outrageous domestic broadcast and its embarrassing void of self-awareness, I took the opportunity to deploy a servant through my cellar door and into the yard and had him shove a whole can of cookie dough into your car's tailpipe.

CHECK AND MATE, prank buddy.

Alright I didn't say that last part, but in just transcribing it now, oh man. It was just so sweet how I did that to his car.

Ryan didn't really see it that way though.

February 6th, 2009: Okay, so I guess Andrew has, like, a butler? Who he pays to stuff food into my car's exhaust pipe? And that's fine, that's cool. We all need jobs. But when I drive home and my car stalls out a few minutes in and it's because the tail pipe is blocked with chocolate-chip cookie dough, it's not that awesome. Andrew's house is at the end of a deserted lane surrounded by a bunch of fields, and now I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere.

So I walk back to Andrew's place - takes about 20 minutes. I ring the doorbell. No answer. I knock on the door. All the lights are on; I know he's home. I go round back and I stand in the dark of his back yard and I can see him there in his living room. His soggy slacks are spread out on the couch. His underpants are tasteful. He's rapping again. It sounds like - yes, it's Rapper's Delight. Andrew's really belting it: "Have you ever went over a friend's house to eat / And the food just aint no good? / I mean the macaroni's soggy, the peas are mushed / and the chicken tastes like wood."

I've never realized how much of that song is about food.

At this point I don't actually need to make up an approximate ridiculous reply, because I can submit word for word the ACTUAL RIDICULOUS REPLY which I typed. On a KEYBOARD:

Ok, well it seems Mr. North didn't totally appreciate the Pop n Fresh emissions test I had old Snootington slip into his muffler. Some people just don't know how to take a joke.

February 9th, 2009: I woke up parked outside my house. Andrew was nowhere to be seen. My shirt was folded neatly in my lap and I was wearing a very nice pair of suspenders. Someone had written on my chest: "Human Hug Factory". I couldn't remember, but I knew - I know - that everything will be alright.

As I slip back into "hypothetical reply" mode for some reason again, I'm caused to wonder by Ryan's tone if he is treating my submission to Urban Dictionary as a sort of sweeping denouement to our grand mutual Prankisode.

I could hardly fault him if his intent was a "rhetorical wind-down", a sort of genteel "that's all, folks" in the manner so comfortable and form-fitting to men of North's class and distinction.

Could it be that this borderline-psychotic transcription poses as the final blunt thud on the horse's soft carcass? Or could it be the calm in the storm before North's next ferocious gotcha?

Oh Jesus.

I'd better get back to my mansion and order those goodfornothing butlers back to their fucking battle stations…


Zombie Lincoln said...

hey i happened to save your comments exactly

02-04-09: Ryan, I can see you sitting in your car outside my house. You are not fooling anyone, sort of ducking behind the dashboard like that. My dinner isn't even that interesting, it's just like a leftover turkey sandwich from earlier in the day or something!

02-05-09: My sources say there are peeping toms out there who will derive fascination from a man sitting in his home spoiling good trousers while reciting rap lyrics about women with enormous asses. Any party falling into this camp could hardly be faulted for the preoccupation, just as he couldn't be faulted for not being completely aware of his surrounding environment. An environment in which the pageant he witnesses quite possibly functions as a distraction while a servant is deployed from the side cellar door, creeps through the bushes, and forces an entire canister of cookie dough through the tailpipe of any would-be automotive voyeurs.

Andrew Hussie said...

I guess not consulting random people on the internet was my first mistake.

Andrew Hussie said...

Oh wait you're not even a very random person at all.

wrot said...


/b/ is not your personal army, but the internet IS.

Anonymous said...

Wait, so what exactly is going on? Why was he watching you eat dinner?...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hussie, you are truly a man of your word. And to Zombie Lincoln: I wish I had had your foresight. I still can't believe I laughed so hard at this.

voodooKobra said...

This kinda reminds me of when Brian Clevinger and the author of CAD pretended to hack each other's web sites on April Fool's Day. Or when XKCD, Qwantz, and some other site orchestrated a prank in which XKCD forwarded to Qwantz, Qwantz forwarded to some other comic, and the other comic forwarded to XKCD.

What's with you webcomic authors?

Anonymous said...

I guess it just has something to do with the fact that they have.. Too much time on their hands as it was. Because, you know, they make a modest living with their sales.

Ryan said...

I don't save my archives either so soon when this blows over it will all be forgotten!

Except by us, Andrew

Except by us

Vanilla Lestat said...

I really hope that this doesn't just end here. I have been so amused (perhaps a little too amused?) by this over the past few days.

Ryan said...

Also, did I say "when" this blows over? I meant IF

ReverendTed said...

Ok, seriously guys. This was kind of funny at first, but now it's just preposterous.

Whether or not that is a good thing will be left as an exercise for the reader.

(I will however, say this: It's worked out pretty well for me because now, for a few minutes each day, I don't have to worry about which one of you to watch.)

AJ said...

I just have to say I really enjoy that you guys get along so well. It's been funny, and I hope you all keep messing around.

Also, my word verification was "whore", so now I feel like Andrew is judging me.

DannysARocker said...

Oh, but Andrew is judging you

L said...

I don't save my archives either so soon when this blows over it will all be forgotten!

Oh, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan:

Outlaw said...

wow o.o

Matt Williams said...

I second the "wow o.o"

I would also like to attach a "wuhuh?" rider.

lobotics said...

all i can say is that this, along with marvels such as ASW and ryan north himself, make me wish i lived in canada.

Zero47 said...

So, was the cookie dough cooked well?
I'm sure it'd be a good excuse for Ryan to watch you eat again.

Олег said...

very funny

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